When Nature Whispers
Original Painting (18x24). Certificate of Authenticity, Signed. Framed (36x36).
My Serenity Meadow
Limited Edition Print (11x14). Certificate of Authenticity, Signed and Numbered.
Fairytale Fawn
Original Painting (11x16). Certificate of Authenticity, Signed.
Forever Fox
Limited Edition Print (11x14). Certificate of Authenticity, Signed and Numbered.
Lady Blue Bird
Limited Edition Print (11x14). Certificate of Authenticity, Signed and Numbered.
Chips of Gold
Limited Edition Print (11x14). Certificate of Authenticity, Signed and Numbered.
La Andina
Original Painting (11x16). Certificate of Authenticity, Signed.
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Stories of the Womb

Nature is the original mother of all life on earth. From the largest tree, to the smallest insect, nature's life giving virtues are extolled. Among them is the honeycomb - a gingerly composited womb for the tender young of honeybees. These hexagonal shapes therefore represent one of nature's incredible ways of nurturing life. This collection "WOMB" celebrates nature's children, and frames their existence within the hexagonal shapes to remind us that all living things come from a womb (proverbial or otherwise), and enter the world in all their beauty, complexity, and interconnection.

  • When Nature Whispers

    The woman in this painting symbolizes the embodiment of maternal energy, devoted to compassion, empathy, strength, indomitability, and ultimate love. The baby fawn represents the frailty of life itself, and the need to protect all creatures, especially the most vulnerable, even if they are not of our species. Together, these two elements respond to a line from a poem of mine (which is a guiding force in my work): "Sit with nature, and listen to what it whispers, before it starts to yell". I believe it is important that all of us summon the maternal energy needed in order to properly love our planet, and all the children it has (not just our own).

  • My Serenity Meadow

    This was the painting that inspired the entire collection, and invited me to explore the theme of WOMB. Here the little resting fawn is nestled peacefully into a flower filled meadow. The reference photo for this painting was taken by the owners Fuzzy Fawn Wildlife, a rescue specializing in baby deer. Their incredible capacity to give so much of themselves for these babies was humbling to say the least. This piece is representative of tenderness needed to nurture life, and the importance of cherishing all creatures.

  • Fairytale Fallow

    Painted with real turquoise from the Sleeping Beauty Mountain in Arizona, this painting of a young deer is a reminder of the magic within childhood lore, and how it gets us to think about our relationship to animals. We can come to see them as magical, spiritual, mystical, totemistic beings: we relate to and identify with them. Animals are in many ways an extension of our own lives and selves.

  • Forever Fox

    This baby fox reminded me of the proverbial scenes in Planet Earth documentaries, where the babies wait eagerly for their mother's to return with something for them to eat. But when you watch from the perspective of her prey, you're left conflicted about what you want the outcome to be. Nature is like that: in order for one thing to live, other things must die. Perhaps you can call it balance, either way, nature has many children that all have their own constellation of needs and impacts.

  • Lady Blue Bird

    We often celebrate the incredible beauty of male birds, oft overlooking the subtler palettes of female birds. I wanted to showcase the delicate majesty of the feminine. This painting represents the nuanced prestige of the female form, and the unique power that it holds.

  • Chips of Gold

    When do you play? Imagine? Invent, or dream? As we get older our playfulness gives way, and the enchantments beheld in everyday life dull. I believe that animals rekindle the spirit of play within us, they teach us how to live in the present moment. This painting of the energetic chipmunk represents the playful, imaginative, and creative aspects of nature and of ourselves.

  • La Andina

    All of us have a heritage story; where we came from, who are ancestors are, what our personal journey has been. My heritage is an eclectic bricolage including Canada, Belgium, Spain, and Peru. I have a special relationship with each of my various cultural identities, but no one 'place' feels unanimously like home - I am a child of planet earth, with a nomadic soul. This painting represents not only our interconnected heritages around the world, but also our inextricable relationship to the landscapes and creatures which surround us.

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