Polar Bear - Watercolour Workshop
Polar Bear - Watercolour Workshop
Polar Bear - Watercolour Workshop
Polar Bear - Watercolour Workshop

Polar Bear - Watercolour Workshop

UPDATE: Please note that due to current covid restrictions the in person version is not available.

Welcome to the first "Hybrid" watercolour workshop I am offering! This unique opportunity blends together the best of two worlds by allowing you to choose to participate either online or in-person. Held at my home-studio, the in-person section provides a special learning experience limited to only a few spots! If you would like to secure a spot in-person, early registration is highly recommended (please note that proof of full vaccination will be required prior to arrival).

This workshop is a "Beyond Beginner" level, which means you will be expected to have a good foundation in watercolour painting already. If you are looking for beginner-level workshops, please consider my Video Library, which has several beginner-level workshops to choose from.

I will guide you step-by-step in applying techniques to create this composition, using an exciting colour palette. A trace image will be provided, but you are also welcome to draw your own version if you wish! The learning environment is warm, welcoming, and encouraging. 

 Studio (In-Person) Livestream (Online)
This workshop is also being offered with an in-person section for students who prefer to learn at the artist's home-based studio (vaccination proof required). Due to space constraints, there will only be up to 5 spots available for the in-person section. Please note that the in-person section will occur concurrently with the online section. The workshop livestream will occur through Vimeo, with Q&A made additionally available through Zoom. The online section of this workshop is limited to 15 students to ensure everyone gets a chance to interact with the instructor and get meaningful feedback. This section will happen concurrently with the in-person section.



 12:40 PM Studio Doors open for participants of the In-Person Section (if you arrive early, please wait outside)
12:50 PM Video feed link will be emailed to participants of the Online Section
12:55 PM  Online Participants Join the session
01:00 PM Workshop Begins
04:00 PM Scheduled End Time (may end a bit early or late)


Please note that materials are only included for in-person participants who register for the "with materials" ticket type. All other participants (both online and in-person) will be expected to have all of their own materials (for sanitation purposes no materials will be lent or shared at the studio).

Qty. Material Notes
2 10"x14" Sheet of Watercolour Paper 140 lbs 100% Cotton Professional paper is highly recommended for best results (Arches, Fabriano Artistico, or Saunders Waterford by Saint Cuthberts Mill)
9"x12" Sheet of Tracing Paper Transfer (or Carbon) paper (or light-board) can also work in lieu
1 Palette for Mixing Colours (or you can use a white dish/plate)
2 Containers for Water (one clean for clean water, and one to clean the brushes with)
1 Masking Tape  Neutral colour (3M is ideal), or Kraft tape
1 White Gel Pen  (OR White Gouache)
1 Hair Drier
3+  Paper Towel (or cloth towel to dry and clean off brushes and to soften edges while painting)

Watercolour Brushes 1" Flat Brush, #8 or #10 Round, and a #3 or #4 Round (synthetic fibres are great for this, but natural fibre brushes will work well too)
Watercolour Paints (Brand of your choice): Opera Rose, Dioxazine Violet, Permanent Mauve, Permanent Magenta, Winsor Yellow or Imidazolone Yellow, Raw Umber or Raw Sienna, Payne's Grey

Accessing the Livestream

Students registered in the Online Section of this workshop will be emailed prior to the class (approximately 10-15 minutes before), with the links to access the event virtually. You will get a link to the Livestream Video Feed, which is hosted through Vimeo (please be prepared to access this platform, which may ask you to create a free account). Vimeo has a "chat" feature built-in that you are welcome to use during the livestream. You will also get the coordinates to join the Zoom Q&A (this meeting will not be used for instruction; it is for breakout time meant to ask questions and have two-way communication with the instructor).

Video Recordings

Please note that video recordings are not guaranteed. This is a courtesy I try to offer, but cannot promise as sometimes technical issues prevent successful recordings. If you are hoping to register for the Online Section of the class but not attend the scheduled workshop session, and instead you are hoping to just watch the recording, I ask that you do this accepting the possibility that there may not be a video recording. No refunds or credits will be given due to a lack of a video recording, or a faulty video recording.

Accessing the Studio

Since the Studio is in a private residence, the address will only be emailed to registered participants. You can expect to go to the Crystal Bay / Bells Corners area. Please note that some public transit is directly available. If you are coming by car there is street parking only. Please note that proof of full vaccination along with valid photo ID will be required in order to enter the residence (no refunds or credits will be issued for failure to provide both/either). You are asked to arrive between 12:40pm - 12:50pm. If you arrive early, please wait outside as my full attention is required for class preparations. If you arrive late please let yourself in as I will not be able to answer the door. It is important that you come prepared with everything you will need for the workshop (including all materials if you do not register for the "with materials" ticket type). Please note that due to sanitation purposes, no materials will be lent or shared at the studio.


***Please carefully review all information on this page before registering ***

Regular price$25.00
Registration Type - [ADULT]

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